Agricultural Marketing Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Agricultural Marketing Duties

Agricultural marketing deals with the supply and demand of the farming products that was demanded by the buyers according to their needs and supplied by the supplier to gain profits. Agricultural marketing relates with the officers who is responsible for pricing, market research, selling, advertising, packaging, placement, planning, promotion and accounting.

Job Duties of Agricultural Marketing

  • Agricultural marketing is organized by the officers who work for agricultural companies, marketing bodies and for farmers to promote their business in the agricultural market.
  • Agricultural marketing deals with the supply of the tractors, ploughs, harvesters, seeders etc. to the farmers who need them.
  • Agricultural marketing is totally depends on the marketing planners, these peoples implements the plan according to the market strategies in order to attract buyers and make profit.
  • Agricultural marketing major duty is related with the chemicals, company have a sales in charge which helps in distributing and promoting company in the state or in the whole nation.
  • Agricultural marketing is one of the most beneficial process, the major duty are performed according to the basic steps taken in the field of the farming.
  • Agricultural marketing duty is to maintain the list of those customers who will remain with them at the time of variable market.

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