Agricultural Manager Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Agricultural Manager Duties

An agricultural manager is a professional employee of a ranch or a farm. The manager supervises the overall work of the farm and the maintenance of the farm is undertaken by him. The manager is responsible for the success or failure of the farm or farming plot he is assigned. The manager should appoint staff and revise farming work. The agricultural manager finds employment in a variety of farms, ranches and food production companies. The agricultural manager is required having a good knowledge base of the agricultural practices and techniques.

Agricultural Manager Job Duties

  • Recruited staff for farming maintenance managed their working status.
  • Managed farming work and supervised activities.
  • Developed farming techniques and crop growth of the farm ranch.
  • Monitored activities for environmental degradation and environmental effects caused by farming.
  • Managed the financial aspects of the farm and payment deals.
  • Managed cattle and livestock for additional production.
  • Maintained facilities and farm equipments to facilitate better production.
  • Upgrade pasture and food stock for the cattle.
  • Decide the crops to be sown and farmed.
  • Arranged fertilizers and pesticides for the farm.
  • Revise employers’ activities.
  • Managed crop purchases and sales.
  • Manage sales of agricultural products, crop pulses and dairy products.
  • Planned and coordinated agricultural regulatory activities.
  • Interacted with environment groups to prevent deforestation and safeguard crops.
  • Managed agricultural expenditure budget spent on buying and procuring agricultural fertilizers and tools.

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