Agricultural Engineer Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Agricultural Engineer Duties

An agriculture engineer is a person who uses engineering principles and technology in agricultural production and processing. The agricultural engineer uses different engineering as chemical, mechanical engineering and biology as well as zoology and botany principles to develop the agriculture production. He uses the mechanical and chemical engineering principles to improvise agricultural machinery and chemicals for crops respectively. The agricultural engineer should have good knowledge of both engineering principles and technologies as well as the methods of agriculture. He designs agricultural machinery and equipment. He also works to improve the crop production as well as management of poultry and crops.

Agricultural Engineer Job Duties

  • Planned, supervised and managed building of dairy production schemes.
  • Developed irrigation, water control systems and agricultural processing programs.
  • Studied crop status and developed irrigation programs after assessment.
  • Interpreted analysis results and implemented programs and technologies accordingly.
  • Improvised machinery components and tested agricultural equipments.
  • Designed tools to study crops and soil testing.
  • Developed innovative and effective strategies and tools to increase the production and improve the quality of farm products.
  • Worked with farmers and workers to develop and analyze farming machineries.
  • Supervised food processing plants.
  • Prepared reports and proposals of work.
  • Researched soil fertility and condition and environmental effectors.
  • Designed advanced storage sets for storing crops, crop processing, animal shelters and improvised them as per required.
  • Advice farmers on improving water quality and discard pests and fix equipment defects.

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