Agricultural Engineer Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Agricultural Engineer Duties

Being an Agricultural Engineer you should develop criteria for design, manufacture, or production of equipment, structure, and facilities. You will have to use various instruments to study the effects of certain factors such as humidity or light on plants and animals. You must also look into the various techniques of application of insecticides.

Job Duties of Agricultural Engineer

  • An Agricultural Engineer will have to design and direct manufacture of equipments for land tillage and fertilization, plants and animal diseases and pest control, and for cropping or moving commodities.
  • He will have to deal with troubles faced by farmers associated to effects of climate conditions like heat, humidity, and light, and the method or effectiveness of using insecticides.
  • He should design and use a variety of testing equipments for sensing, measuring, and recording diverse challenges faced by harvesters.
  • He makes and runs the manufacture of machinery for land tillage, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting, and deals with plant and animal diseases, insect control etc.
  • He should prepare and look for the production of structures for storage of crops, animal sanctuary, waste disposal and water supply.
  • He plans and supervises the building of power distribution systems, drainage systems, flood-control actions for soil and water conservation
  • Sometimes he may need to arrange radio and television educational programs for farmers, local groups, farm cooperatives and provide guidance on better farming methodology.

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