Aerospace Engineer Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Aerospace Engineer Job Duties include planning the designs of aircrafts, missiles and various other space vehicles. They are involved in the process of developing these and also conduct tests on various aeronautical equipments. In order to become an Aerospace Engineer, it is essential to possess a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Aerospace Engineer Job Duties

  • Aerospace Engineers are required to plan and design various aerospace equipments and products.
  • They need to understand the requirement and the budget of their clients and work accordingly to come up with the best possible designs for these equipments.
  • Aerospace Engineers also work on building testing processes in order to test these equipments.
  • They need to coordinate with technicians and seek their assistance in developing various aerospace equipments and products.
  • Aerospace Engineers need to evaluate the production costs of the various products and equipments and discuss the same with the clients.
  • They need to ensure that the quality standards are met.
  • They are also expected to conduct stress tests on the aircraft models and aerospace equipments.
  • Aerospace Engineers need to ensure that all the parts of the aircrafts and other equipments designed by them are working properly.
  • They need to inspect the work done by technicians and other subordinates working with them on the aerospace projects.
  • Aerospace Engineers need to ensure that the engineering principles are applied appropriately while designing the aircrafts, space satellites and various other equipments.
  • They need to provide information regarding the usability of the equipments to their clients.
  • They are also required to write technical reports on the equipments designed as well as modified by them.

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