Aeronautical Engineer Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Aeronautical Engineer Job Duties mainly include planning and designing different kinds of aircrafts, spaceships and various other space equipments and products. Constant efforts are being made to improve each structure and make it better than the earlier one and this is being done with the help of various engineering method and techniques.

Aeronautical Engineer Job Duties

  • Aeronautical Engineers are required to plan the design of various aeronautical equipments and products and are also involved in developing them.
  • They are required to understand their clients’ requirement as well as their budget and design the equipments accordingly.
  • They also work on redesigning the existing aeronautical equipments and products.
  • Aeronautical Engineers conduct extensive research at the time of preparing the designs of various aeronautical equipments.
  • Aeronautical Engineers are required to make use of the latest engineering processes while developing aeronautical equipments and products.
  • They need to supervise the technicians involved in placement of airframes and other equipments.
  • Aeronautical Engineers need to test these equipments and validate them. They may even rectify any defect that may come up while testing the equipment.
  • They are also required to maintain these equipments regularly.
  • Aeronautical Engineers are also expected to repair these equipments if required.
  • They are required to prepare reports after testing the existing as well as newly designed equipments.
  • Aeronautical Engineers may even take part in the flight testing programs.
  • They need to ensure that the aeronautical equipments are equipped with all the required safety features.
  • Aeronautical Engineers must also see to it that the space vehicles designed by them do not omit much smoke.

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