Advertising Consultant Job Duties

By | March 27, 2014

An advertising consultant is a person who guides the clients in branding and promoting their products. Advertisement Consultants are always better judge of the exact promotional requirements for the products.

For becoming an Advertisement Consultant one may need to have a sound knowledge of media and broadcasting industry. The candidate at this post must possess good interpersonal skills and communication skills. Some of the major advertising consultant job duties are mentioned below:

Advertising Consultant Job Duties

  • Advertising Consultant needs to understand the client’s product and then select proper medium for the product promotion.
  • Advertising Consultant has to efficiently present the product to the target audience; in a way that the customer is tempted to purchase it.
  • Advertising Consultant needs to create sample ads for the clients and explain the same to them.
  • Advertising Consultant needs to work in association with the client. He needs to wait for the client’s approval at various steps and make necessary changes in his campaigns as and when required.
  • Advertising Consultant has to give presentation to the clients, share his opinion about the product and the best way to carry out advertising campaign for the same.
  • Advertising Consultant needs to understand and analyze the mindset of the target audience and plan the advertising campaign accordingly.
  • Advertising consultant needs to make sure that he follows legal laws and company guidelines while designing advertisements.
  • Advertising consultant needs to build good relations with clients.
  • Advertising consultant has to keep a watch on the effectiveness of the promotional activities.
  • Advertising consultant needs to come up with innovative ideas to make a make in the ad world.
  • Advertising consultant needs to participate in promotional activities and industrial meetings whenever required.
  • Advertising consultant is required to stay updated with the latest marketing techniques and work accordingly.
  • Advertising consultant has to manage and keep a watch over all the contracts and work diligently on each of them.
  • Advertising consultant is required to keep a track of his competitor’s campaigns and come up with newer ideas to beat them.

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