Administration Clerk Job Duties

By | June 2, 2014

Administration clerk or administrative clerk is the individual positioned at one of the base levels in the administration department of an organisation. The administrative clerk has a number of responsibilities and duties that he or she must fulfil. In the broadest of sense, the administration clerk has to perform various clerical tasks in administration to ensure everything else goes by smoothly.

The work description of this type of a clerk will involve a huge range of activities and tasks to be fulfilled. A few of the job duties that the administrative clerk must meet are listed below.

Administrative Clerk Job Duties

  • It is the duty of the admin clerk to greet all the incoming phone calls and do what is suitable given the requirements of the caller.
  • The admin clerk is required to retrieve all the files and the documents as may be required by his or her superiors.
  • The admin clerk has the duty to coordinate with all the officials and prepare a proper office schedule to ensure that all the operations around the office are carried on smoothly without any sort of chaos.
  • Some entities may require the clerk to arrange and manage the mails directed to the office.
  • It is also the duty of the clerk to carry on some of the basic book keeping duties.
  • The clerk has to keep a tab of the daily filings in the office and assist any superior in this matter, as and when required.
  • The duties of the admin clerk also include preparing the payrolls for the office employees and passing on the details to the assigned superior.
  • In case of any upcoming meetings and conferences it is the duty of the admin clerk to make all the necessary arrangements for the meetings/ conferences.
  • The admin clerk may also be required to carry on tasks like making photocopies, ensuring all the office supplies are as required and in place etc.

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