Administration Assistant/Clerk Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Administration Assistant/Clerk’s Duties

An Administration Assistant/Clerk, depending on the size of the organization may be either junior supervisory/non-supervisory levels and function under the supervision and control of Administrative Manager/Officer. His actions and deliberations are accountable by him/her and hence are required to apply utmost diligence in discharging the duties entrusted.

Job Duties of Administration Assistants/Clerks

  • Compose correspondence regarding interpretation of general rules and regulations.
  • Manage, organize, and update relevant data.
  • Communicate effectively to provide information both internally and externally to aid and enable organizational operations efficiently.
  • Deduce instructions and implement actions according to administrative policies and procedures.
  • Seek guidance, request and recommend in case of absence of senior people as per agreed guidelines and policies.
  • Adhere to procedures pertaining to proper use and care of equipment and materials and maintain inventory and update the records regularly.
  • Recognize manager’s and staff priorities and coordinate logistical arrangements for program, agency and communicate instructions and directives accordingly.
  • Track and monitor the assigned operating unit budgets and spending plans.
  • Receive and execute orders received from his seniors making assignments based on desired objectives and review the work for achievement of results.
  • Performs other related work as assigned.

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