Adjunct Professor Job Duties

By | July 1, 2013

An adjunct professor is a faculty member or professor who works on a part-time basis. He doesn’t have a permanent term, and rather works on contract basis. Schools find it easier to hire an adjunct professor because it is cheaper than hiring a full-time permanent professor and these professors are much more flexible in their dealings.

An adjunct professor needs same qualifications as that of a traditional permanent and full-time faculty. He publishes academic papers and outlines session plans like other permanent professors. An adjunct professor’s job duties are as discussed below.

Sample Adjunct Professor Job Duties

  • An adjunct professor is responsible for teaching a class and giving grades to the papers of the students. His basic duties are not any different from that of a permanent professor.
  • He must observe and record a students’ progress.
  • He needs to help develop and manage curriculum materials and plan sessions accordingly. The objective is to teach the students in accordance with the outlined curriculum as specified by the authorities.
  • He must plan a lesson and advise students on how to go about a curriculum, presentations, assignments and assessments.
  • He needs to help the students understand their material with additional information, as and when required. He needs to be available for the students to approach him with their problems.
  • He must conduct and supervise examinations and assess the papers.
  • He must be professional and must exhibit excellent teaching skills and help cover the curriculum timely.
  • Some adjunct professors work on specific lectures only. He must keep himself thoroughly updated with the latest techniques used for teaching.
  • An adjunct must pay special attention to problems that may arise with students. He must look after students’ attendance and discipline-related problems.
  • In conditions when teaching is done through digital means, the adjunct professor also needs to reply to the mails of the students, maintain the website of the course as well as mange the discussions that are done online.

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