Accounts Payable Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Accounts Payable Manager duties

Being the accounts payable manager, you will have to look after the day to day operations as the organization has got a high volume accounts payable section. You will have to process roughly 1,000 checks and 2,000 invoices every week on an average.

Job Duties of an Accounts Payable Manager

  • You will have to work in different systems which include the Lawson accounts payable system, electronic funds transmissions (ACH), Positive pay transmissions, Laser jet printing operation, year end 1099 processing, etc.
  • You will be responsible for verifying the accuracy of A/P batch output to insure the correct coding of vendor, cost center, general ledger account and invoice amount. You will have to match these to check or ACH output.
  • You will have to perform vendor analysis, review and analysis of expenses and support the corporate procurement functions.
  • You may have to assist in the implementation of new systems which may include the Travel and Entertainment software, graphic scanning, vendor download review and improvement, etc. You will also be responsible for giving in house training to the staff if there is any up gradation in the system or the software.
  • You may have to use analytical tools like Access, Excel, OLAP, etc. and report to the senior management and answer all their queries on the matter.

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