Accounts Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

If you have decided to choose accounts as your profession, then you must have some idea of accounts job duties of a professional. By going through the different job duties mentioned in this section, you can clearly see for yourself and decide whether you will be able to take up accounts as your career in the long term.

If you are internal auditor, you will have to do regular internal audits of various activities of the organization and report them to the senior management in the form of reports in an organized manner.

But at the primary level, you will have to work as Tally Operator and make all entries of receipts and payments in Tally. You will also have to maintain all the vouchers in proper order. The accounts job duties changes once you become senior in the organization. If you are a senior accountant, then you will have to file VAT and all service tax returns and all TDS related matters.

In short, you will have to maintain proper accounting of all the activities of the organization and see that everything is being done as per the accepted accounting norms. Just go through the various accounts job duties as that will help you to understand better.

Internal Auditor Job Duties

Tally Operator Job Duties

Senior Accountant Job Duties

Assistant Accounts Manager Job Duties

Accounts Payable Manager Job Duties

Accounts Clerk Job Duties

Accountant Job Duties

Accounts Executive Job Duties

Account Manager Job Duties

Account Manager Duties

Accounting Clerk Job Duties

Accounts Payable Job Duties

Auditor Job Duties

Account Reconciliation Job Duties

Balance Sheet Reconciliation Job Duties

Corporate Accountant Job Duties

Revenue Accountant Job Duties

Accounts Receivable Supervisor Job Duties

Account Information Clerk Job Duties

Audit Clerks Supervisor Job Duties

Audit Clerk Job Duties

Auditing Control Clerk Job Duties

Tax Accountant Job Duties

Tax Auditor Job Duties

Tax Clerk Job Duties

Staff Accountant Job Duties

Accounting Analyst Job Duties

Accounting Intern Job Duties

Accounting Assistant Job Duties

Accounting Assistant Job Duties

Entry Level Accounting Job Duties

Payroll Accounting Job Duties

Accounting Controller Job Duties

General Ledger Accountant Job Duties

Project Accountant Job Duties

Forensic Accountant Job Duties

Accountant Assistant Job Duties

Financial Accountant Job Duties

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