Accounts Clerk Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Accounts Clerks’ Duties

An Accounts Clerk is a junior and non-supervisory position in an organization to perform different functions and is answerable and reporting to the senior accountant or manager. He maintains all subsidiary books, cash and office records.

Job Duties of Accounts Clerks

–         To be perfect in every type of calculations and updating the entire subsidiary books for providing appropriate information to higher ups.

  • Compile and sort entire documents like receivables and payables, bank and cash balance, cheques and drafts cleared and awaiting clearance;
  • Report to seniors about any shortcomings including any financial instruments dishonoured;
  • To assume responsibility of performing assigned accounting and related clerical

support functions.

  • To maintain files, preserve journal and other vouchers for furnishing the same on time to any officer when demanded.
  • To assume responsibility for tracking and resolving tribulations and


  • Assist his seniors in audits and inventories of retail facilities, stores, etc. besides

in the finalization of accounts.

  • Helping in payroll preparation.
  • Manage customer and employee accounts receivables
  • Provide information/details about every aspect of financial matters to the higher


  • Record all the daily expenses and incomes of the organization and tally the

book and physical balances on a daily basis.

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