Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Duties

By | March 26, 2014

The main role of accounting administrative assistant is to handle administrative and accounting duties for management. The job duties of these professionals include doing office tasks,

communicating with the management and handling various accounts related tasks. He/she needs to maintain the accounts, prepare cheques, create budget, fill tax, submit tax forms, compile financial records, etc. Various accounting administrative job duties are given below:

Accounting administrative assistant Job Duties

  • To manage and monitor the inward outward of office stationeries and other things.
  • Administer general office tasks like ordering supplies, maintaining MIS and book keeping work.
  • He needs to maintain office filling system on regular basis and produce up to date documents when needed by superiors.
  • He needs to be the gateway of accounting of the organization. He has to pass journal entries, maintain ledger accounts, reconcilebank statement etc.
  • Accounting Administrator Assistant needs to record quotations from the suppliers through the purchase department and issue purchase order after approval from the management.
  • He needs to record and generate price quotations and send invoice to the client.
  • He is required to maintain accounts of payments receivable and payables.
  • He needs to provide accurate report to various departments.
  • Accounting Administrator Assistant is required to prepare documents and files related to finance a few days before any important meeting of the organization.
  • He needs to screen phone calls and e-mails.
  • He is required to be a perfect communicator as he has to deal with the different parties.
  • Accounting Administrator Assistant is required to prepare memos, letters, faxes, etc effectively on behalf of the management.
  • He needs to prepare salary slips for the employees and prepare cheques.
  • He may even be required to distribute the cheques to the employees in time.
  • In the event of account transfer of salary system, he needs to properly prepare all the banking documents.
  • He is required to read, analyze and convey about the incoming memos and letters related to financial matters to the management.

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