Account Manager Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Account Manager Duties

The account manager is a person who is responsible for management of account issues and marketing. They develop and maintain the accounts and solely the accounts which bring the maximum profit to the firm or organization. The account manager builds relationship with the clients and the company. He is the intermediate between them. The account manager identifies key clients and manages their accounts issues and also persuades customers to open accounts with the company.

Account Manager Job Duties

  • Maintains good communication amongst the clients to maintain their accounts and business relations with the organization.
  • Handles accounts of the clients and updates them about the new policies and benefits which come with the account.
  • Act as a two way communication between the client and the company.
  • Set deadlines and targets for account executives to bring profits.
  • Reported to the manager of the branch regarding the account progress and submitted progress files.
  • Managing the portfolio of a wide range of clients and bringing in profits through the account deals.
  • Handled new accounts, renewals and other issues related to the account management.
  • Responsible for all clients account issues, communications, conflict resolutions and revenues.
  • Reviewed client expectations and fulfilled them as per their requirements.
  • Provided monthly as well as quarterly review analysis of the changes and status reports of the accounts.
  • Trained newly recruited account executives for their effective handling of the accounts.

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