Account Information Clerk Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

An Account Information Clerk is responsible for handling various accounting tasks. He needs to compile the accounting reports and keep a record of the various accounts being handled by him. An Account Information Clerk must possess an associate’s degree in Accounting. He should have a thorough knowledge about the subject in order to perform his duties efficiently.

Account Information Clerk Job Duties

  • An Account Information Clerk is required to maintain all accounting records and provide complete account related information to his clients, as and when requested by them.
  • An Account Information Clerk completes the meter books by entering the required information in them. This may include information for late billing, etc.
  • He is required to prepare the list and key in the details about the charges and payments made to the customers’ account in case there is any loss or if any additional amount has been deposited in their accounts.
  • He is also required to maintain record of any special or irregular charges levied on the company along with the reason for the same.
  • His task includes reviewing the accounts that have not been billed and preparing the bills from the information that is available.
  • An Account Information Clerk is expected to assess the incorrect billings because of wrong credits on customer’s account and then gives instructions to rectify these issues.
  • He needs to prepare a list for special billing instructions.
  • An Account Information Clerk attends the customer’s queries and complaints and is answerable to them for any issues arising due to bill, accounts or deposits made by them.


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