Academic Advisor Job Duties

By | July 2, 2013

An academic advisor is generally responsible for advising students with information on academics and future career. They help students figure out more clearly about their future career and how they can get there. He is the one who supports the students and guides them during registration. Various tasks are to be performed by an academic advisor.

He is the one who explores and finds out possible career options for students and works towards improving the over-all academic performance of the college, university or school. An aspiring candidate must at least hold a Bachelor’s degree. Discussed below are an academic advisor’s job duties.

Sample Academic Advisor Job Duties

  • An academic advisor needs to guide and advise students on selection of courses.
  • He must guide students on what courses are meant for them and why? He should also guide them on how to get to their goals?
  • He needs to execute orientation programmes at the begging of every new academic year with new students.
  • He must serve the requirement of a diverse and varied group of students and attend to every student’s need and concern on his/her career. He must make them learn about the opportunities that would improve their future career goals.
  • He must educate the students on the degree requirement, academic strategies, scheduling of the course and counsel them on academics.
  • He needs to analyze the records of the students before conducting such orientation programmes and appointments. It is his job to advice students on follow-ups.
  • He needs to identify the students’ needs and make referrals accordingly.
  • He must also participate in developing the staff and conduct appropriate and timely workshops, meetings, programs, and other administrative gatherings.
  • The candidate must encourage students and help them make the right decision about their career and help improve their performance.

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